NJCA provides Christian education to children, two years of age, up through the eighth grade. Because we are a “School of the Arts”, New Jerusalem Christian Academy offers a wide range of classes, focusing on the arts. Some of these classes include: Band, Dance, Drama, and TV Production.

Starting with our Pre-Kindergarten classes, each child receives unparalleled educational direction, understanding that the fundamentals are essential at a young age, in order to lay a strong foundation for future building at NJCA.  And because of that firm foundation, standardized tests prove that our philosophy is on target! Our first graders are well prepared for their important year at New Jerusalem, exceeding expectations each and every year.

But –there’s so much more to NJCA than academics. We are a Christian academy with a desire to reach all of our students with the Word of God.  Our academy uses the A Beka curriculum, ensuring that each class, whether Pre-K or middle school, receives an outstanding education, rooted in Christian principles.