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Getting Started

How can I take a tour of NJCA?

Tours are by appointment only, on half day Fridays. Please call the school office at 813.684.2754 to schedule your tour. Tours usually take about 15-20 minutes. Please feel free to bring a list of questions with you to make the most of your time here.

I would like to register my child. How can I save their seat?

To register your child simply fill out the student application for the grade your child would be entering and pay the registration fee. Both application and payment must be submitted together for registration to be complete. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

What forms are needed to complete my child's registration?

The following forms are required to complete your child's file:

  • Copy of last report card 

  • Copy of last Standardized Testing scores 

  • Copy of birth certificate 

  • Current shot records 

  • Current physical

  • Scholarship award letter (if applicable)

  • Signed Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form (available HERE)

Where can I purchase my child's uniforms?

Student uniforms can be purchased directly through Educational Outfitters website which can be found HERE


What forms of payment does NJCA accept?

NJCA accepts cash, personal check, Visa and Mastercard. *$35 fee charged to students account for returned checks.

What Scholarships does NJCA accept?

We currently accept all of the Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarships. *Admission for students with scholarship is based on Administrative review of the child's IEP and entrance testing (if applicable)

My child has Step Up for Students. Do I sill pay a registration fee?

No. Step Up for Students does cover the registration fee; however, you are required to pay a parent commitment fee.

Does NJCA offer any in house scholarships?

At this time NCJA does not offer any in house student scholarships

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 15th of each month, starting in July and ending in April. Families are responsible for paying tuition before hand if the 15th lands on a weekend or holiday.

What is required of me as a parent of a student on scholarship?

Step Up for Students sends emails to parents to approve or deny the payments four times a year. Please make sure to respond to emails in a timely manner.

Is fundraiser participation required?

Yes. NJCA hold two major fundraisers a year (Fall & Spring) which helps in keeping our tuition costs low. Each family is required to participate by meeting the set goal for each fundraiser. Families who do not wish to participate have an "opt out" option where a $200 non-participation fee is charged in exchange for participation.

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